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DFB4C40 Fixed Block Making Machine

DFB4C40 Fixed Block Making Machine

DFB4C40 Fixed Block Making Machine

Based on years of experience in brick production and customer feedback, our company develops improved DFB4C40 on the basis of original one. The machine achieves automatic feeding, automatic placing, and automatic demolding and many other operations which can only be achieved in large-scale machine. The machine has obtained many praise of customers and become the best-selling model since lot production in 2008. DFB4B40 block making machine is developed through technological innovation based on original model.

Technical Data

Main Application Features of DFB4C40 Automatic Fixed Block Making Machine:
1. It is not only suitable for nascent investment in small-scale and large-scale professional plant producing a small number of various components, but also suitable for the construction unit producing small components on-site.
2. It can produce porous wall bricks, various types of grass brick, interlocking colored tiles. The mold is cheap, flexible, convenient and quick to replace.
3. With excellent quality, the concrete products can compare with products produced by advanced molding equipment. 
4. Less investment, easy to operate, quick return.
5. Wide application: The raw materials, such as slag, sand, gravel, red aluminum slag, copper slag, coal gangue, construction waste, fly ash, cinders, etc. are abundant. Therefore it's convenient to invest and build a factory. 
6. Except for the body, the suspension and connection of whole machine adopts spring. During vibrating to shape, it not only can achieve synchronous vibration of pressure head, mold box, mold core and blade, but also ensures high density and homogeneity of products. With smooth operation, and low noise, this machine achieves a good effect of vibration deduction. 
7. By moving the pressure head longitudinally, this machine is easy to feed, maintain and flush. Besides the drop distance of pressure head is small, only 20mm. On the one hand, the gap between pressure foot and core box is small, which makes the blocks smooth; on the other hand, damage on core box is small.
8. Easy to replace mold. It can produce 240,140,115 standard bricks and other various blocks and curbs by replacing different molds. This machine can customize different molds according to users' requirements. 
9. The wood pallet of this machine vibrates synchronously with core boxes. Without impact, the service life of wood pallet is over one time longer than similar products.
Hello, Dear Users: welcome to buy Daswell brick making machine. Our machine is suitable for producing various unburned bricks, such as: hollow block bricks, solid bricks, refractory bricks, red bricks, steam bricks. The mold of brick making machine is treated with carburizing (heat treatment). The complete set of Daswell brick making machinery is treated with corrosion prevention. It is hard for small factory to achieve every link of above production, while Daswell can ensure normal use of this equipment and prolong its service life. The main feature of market economy is survival of the fittest. Daswell is particularly grateful to its customers for their valuable suggestions, which makes Daswell machinery upgrade constantly under the conditions of introduction, digestion, absorption, and reducing cost greatly.

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