• Henan Daswell Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing block making machine for many years. The major products manufactured by Daswell includes DMBE 2-45 mobile block making machine, DMBE-4A mobile block making machine, DMBE-12A/DMBE-10A/DMBE-30/DMBE 6A mobile brock making machine.

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  • 04-08Development Trend of Hollow Block Making Machine

    Compared with foreign block making machine market, block making machine in our country has a latter start which make the hollow block making machine in our country absorb advanced tech from foreign block making machine. With the efforts of...

  • 04-01Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine Introduction

    In the joint efforts of all of us, block making machine is born finally which has great history significance. Egg laying block machine creates a new history of the development of machine industry milepost and has received extensive attentio...

  • 03-29Water Supply System of Forced Type Concrete Mixer

    The forced type concrete mixer from Daswell has such features: the whole machine structure is reasonable, strong mixing performance, high mixing quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, high degree automation and easy to operate an...

  • 03-22Standard Development of Concrete Mixing Machine Industry

    In order to promote the development of mixing machinery manufacture, we need to develop new techniques, strengthen standards and research, especially the research on major national science and technology, guide technology advanced key enter...

  • 03-16Practical Advantages of Concrete Batching Plant

    1. The practical data management system It can save the production data of concrete mixing station. With a combination of query and report output function strong, automatic printing delivery. 2. Slump monitoring system According to the curr...

  • 03-14Prolong the Service Life of Concrete Batch Plant

    If you want to improve the working efficiency of your batching plant and make it work more stable, we should have good knowledge about the maintenance about it which can help you prolong the service life of commercial concrete batch plant....

  • 03-09Maintenance Work for Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

    In this article, Daswell will introduce the maintenance work matters of JS twin shaft concrete mixer for you: 1. Maintain the concrete mixer body clean, remove dirt and obstacles on the body. 2. Check all lubrication parts oil, circuits, co...

  • 03-07Some Tips to Choose Concrete Batching Plant

    Firstly, according to the engineering tasks requirements, the users should choose suitable concrete batching plant. Fully meet the engineering tasks, it also should be possible to make leeway for equipment production capacity, and it should...

  • 03-02Some Using Tips of Concrete Batching Plant

    No matter which product or equipment we use, there always have some potential safety hazard, especially in large infrastructure projects and large demand of concrete using the concrete batching plant. When we operate them, we need to be str...

  • 02-29Development Direction of Mobile Block Machine

    Nowadays, modern mechanical equipment is developing in the direction of large-scale and high-efficiency. A series of problems have also caused more and more peoples attention. With the advancement of technology and the development of econom...

  • 02-25Promising Prospect of Concrete Block Making Machine

    In present China, various undertakings are flourishing. As an industry related to national economy and peoples livelihood, construction industry affects peoples feelings. The most representative aspect is the development of aerated block ma...

  • 02-19To Realize Industrial Automation of Egg Laying Block Machine

    Along with the increasing of processing technology, the requirement of fully automatic mobile block machine parameters is increasing ceaselessly, so mobile hollow concrete block making machine manufacturers continue to increase in the marke...

  • 02-17Green Block Machine can Improve the Utilization Rate of Resources

    The coordinated development of resources and society is the inevitable requirement for the whole social progress and sustainable development. The theory of circular economy is put forward in this background, it is in accordance with the red...

  • 02-15How to Realize the Transformation of Block Making Machine Industry

    1. To actively promote the development of circular economy and comprehensive utilization of resources. The egg laying block machine industry should make new topic of the development of circular economy, further research on absorptive buildi...

  • 02-01Cement Silos to Southeast Asia

    As one important component of concrete mixing plant, cement silo is also of great significance. Cement silo is a storage system which can store powder materials. You will find that the color of this cement silo is green and blue, it is diff...