• Henan Daswell Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing block making machine for many years. The major products manufactured by Daswell includes DMBE 2-45 mobile block making machine, DMBE-4A mobile block making machine, DMBE-12A/DMBE-10A/DMBE-30/DMBE 6A mobile brock making machine.

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  • 09-23Simple Mobile Block Making Machine

    Simple mobile block making machine is driven by an electric motor. The mold box is upgraded, released and dropped through main gear box, chain wheel and chain. The drop of pressure head is finished by manual operation....

  • 09-22Safe Production of Mobile Block Making Machine

    The daily output of mobile block making machine is high. So if the block making machine stops working, it will lead to serious loss of the manufacturers. So it is particularly important to know how to ensure the safe operation of block makin...

  • 09-22Some Information of Mobile Brick Making Machine

    Mobile brick making machine is used for producing cement bricks. The greatest advantage of this brick making machine is it can produce bricks everywhere because it is moveable....

  • 09-17Skills of Purchasing Mobile Brick Making Machine

    If you want to purchase a mobile brick making machine, you need to consider a lot of things. Next Daswell will tell you some skills of purchasing mobile brick making machine. ...

  • 09-14Where to Buy the Hollow Brick Making Machine

    Henan Daswell Machinery CO., Ltd. is specializing in producing concrete block making machine. By adopting professional development policy, Daswell has been recognized and widely used by the public. ...

  • 09-13Brief Introduction of Baking-free Block Making Machine

    Baking-free block making machine is also known as brick cement block machine, block machine, brick making machine.With less investment and quick effect, it is a hot industry attracting many investors....

  • 09-12How to Improve the Stability of Hollow Brick Making Machine

    With social and economic development, the construction industry develops rapidly. Hollow brick making machine has played an important role in construction industry and promote the further development of construction industry....

  • 09-10The Development and Daily Care of Hollow Brick Machine

    In recent years, with the advancement of technology, baking-free brick making machine gradually replaces solid clay brick making machine. In order to save our land resources, hollow brick making machine opens its market with the support of g...

  • 09-07The Analysis of Hollow Brick Making Machine

    We know that each production process of hollow brick making machine is closely linked. The full set of equipment production is controlled by computer to conduct a comprehensive control. Then how does the hollow brick making machine work? Das...

  • 08-29Daswell Will Tell You How to Choose a Brick Making Machine

    For those engaged in brick-making industries, it is very important to choose a suitable brick making machine which can not only meet their own needs, but also bring good economic benefits. So, how to choose a proper brick making machine? Daswell Machi...

  • 08-23Hollow Block Equipment Enterprises Have a Bright Future

    Daswell Machinery is a hollow block making machine supplier with good reputation in Henan province. Hollow block making machine can use industrial wastes to produce blocks, therefore, hollow block equipments are environment friendly. ...