• Henan Daswell Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing block making machine for many years. The major products manufactured by Daswell includes DMBE 2-45 mobile block making machine, DMBE-4A mobile block making machine, DMBE-12A/DMBE-10A/DMBE-30/DMBE 6A mobile brock making machine.

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  • 06-02Structure Advantages of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

    Before you purchasing twin shaft concrete mixer, please have a good knowledge about the structure and design features of the double shaft concrete mixer. As we know, twin shaft concrete mixer has wide application scope, Daswell is a good tw...

  • 05-30Importance of After Sales Service for Construction Machinery Enterprises

    No doubt, at any time the enterprises participate in the market competition will experience the brutal competition. Because the market competition completely follows the principle of survival of the fittest, the market economy will never pr...

  • 05-26Cement Concrete Mixer is Used Widely in Engineering Construction

    Concrete mixer is one of the most widely used and most consumable construction equipment in the construction industry. In China, concrete mixer plays an important role in the construction of the world. In recent years, concrete mixing machi...

  • 05-24Debugging Method of Water Supply System

    In the mixing process of concrete mixing machine, water ratio is of great importance which will directly affect concrete strength. Therefore, in the operation process of concrete mixer, please ensure the normal work of water supply system....

  • 05-20Production Features of Small Concrete Batching Plant

    The model of concrete batching plant is an important embodiment of the variety of concrete mixing station. Daswell concrete mixing plant mainly refers to HZS series concrete batch plant, and the model of HZS series concrete batching plant i...

  • 05-18Development Advantage of Hollow Block Making Machine

    Compared with foreign market, hollow block making machine develops later in our country. But, because of China carries out the market economy system and integrates with world economy gradually. Chinese block making machine absorbs advanced...

  • 05-16Important Role of Concrete Mixer in Urban Construction

    Engineering construction entered the recovery period in China, as one of the necessary equipment in urban construction development, concrete mixer production industry development good. In urban construction, concrete mixer is one of the mos...

  • 05-12How to Install Cement Mixer

    In this article, Daswell staff will list the installation instruments of concrete mixing machine for your reference. 1. Before using a new cement mixer, according to the requirement of use instructions, take necessary inspection and test ru...

  • 05-10Usage Amount of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Is Increasing

    In 2016, self falling concrete mixer(350 type concrete mixer) market is not good than before, climbing type concrete forced type concrete mixer are gradually replacing the titling concrete mixer market. Because of titling concrete mixer mar...

  • 05-06Some Matters for Purchasing Cement Mixer

    In this article, Daswell will tell you some matters needing pay attention to when selecting cement mixer. 1. When the site needs a large amount of one-time pouring, and there is no reinforcements in the vicinity of the mixing station, it is...

  • 05-04Structure and Working Principle of Forced Type Concrete Mixer

    Twin shaft concrete mixer has single shaft and twin shaft concrete mixer. The main models of forced type concrete mixer are JS500, JS750, JS1500, JS2000 and JS3000. JS concrete mixer is combined with the features of self falling concrete mi...

  • 04-27Fault Prevention Measures for Block Making Equipment

    Mobile block making machine is a common construction machinery in our life, so in the operation process, we should pay attention to some tips: In the working process, the operator should be vigilant all the time to avoid the possible person...

  • 04-25High End is Inevitable Road of Construction Machinery

    According to the report of construction machinery reporter, from the beginning of 2010, construction machinery was still in the Golden ten years period of development, it puts forward the development direction of high-end. Explosive growth...

  • 04-21Do After Sale Service Well for Block Machine

    The after-sales service of block making machine is part of our work, so every supplier should pay attention to its implementation. The working staff of return team should register machines actual application status in detail once they have...

  • 04-14How to Install Hollow Block Making Machine

    Mobile hollow block making machine is designed by Daswell Machinery according to market demands which is combined with production practice of new and old users. This set of egg laying block making machine is a new unburned block making mach...