• Henan Daswell Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing block making machine for many years. The major products manufactured by Daswell includes DMBE 2-45 mobile block making machine, DMBE-4A mobile block making machine, DMBE-12A/DMBE-10A/DMBE-30/DMBE 6A mobile brock making machine.

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  • 01-07Choosing an Appropriate Concrete Batching Plant is Important

    Many concrete batching plant users will take many aspects into consideration when buying the concrete batching plant. Of course, there is no ground for blame. Because we need to strictly control every aspect when buying any kind of equipment...

  • 01-06Daswell Can Provide You Satisfactory Concrete Mixing Plants

    Daswell concrete mixing plant is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. What’ more, Daswell concrete mixing plant can not only speed up the construction progress, ensure the engineering quality, but also can save energy, reduce pollut...

  • 01-05The Judgment Standards of a Good Concrete Mixer

    Since the application scope of all kind of concrete mixers is different, the materials they adopt are different, their prices are undoubtedly different. So, users should not just pay attention to the price, and should distinguish between the...

  • 01-04Make a maintenance schedule for concrete mixer

    Nowadays, the science and technology is in continuous development, and new technology and new process also have got a wide application, which make the concrete mixer have more complete models, more complex structure, and more superior perfor...

  • 12-31The Importance of Concrete Batching Plant Location

    You need to consider many factors if you want to build a very suitable concrete batching plant. And it is actually very inappropriate for you to think it is Ok after you have brought a satisfactory concrete batching plant. For concrete batch...

  • 12-30Small-sized Stationary Concrete Mixing Plant is Cost-efficient

    Judging from the current situation, we can see that the concrete industry of our country is developing smoothly. But it is not so easy to really step into this industry. Stepping into the concrete industry, the first thing you need to do is ...

  • 12-29The Investment Analysis of Concrete Mixing Plant

    Some people say that the concrete mixing plant is an unfailing investment project, while other people say that concrete mixing plant is a risky investment project. Then which kind of view is accurate after all? Daswell Machinery will make an...

  • 12-26The Five Major Systems of Concrete Mixing Plant

    As we all know that the concrete mixing plant is mainly composed of the following five major systems: concrete mixer, material conveying system, materials weighing system, material storage system and control system. These five major systems ...

  • 12-25How Could Concrete Batching Plant Enterprises Face Development Opportunities

    Judging from the current development situation of our country, we can see that the current development trend of concrete batching plant is rather good. But the market change of concrete batching plant is unpredictable, and nobody can guarant...

  • 12-24How to Ensure the Production of Concrete Mixing Plant

    Generally speaking, the production of concrete mixing plant is the only standard for customers to choose the concrete mixing plant model. Because the production of concrete mixing plant directly decides that if the needs of users can be ensu...

  • 12-23Winter Protection Method of Reversing Drum Concrete Mixer

    Reversing drum concrete mixer is mainly mixing the concrete in the mixing drum, and it also needs to work even in the cold winter, so we need to protect it well. Then how to protect the reversing drum concrete mixer in the cold winter? Now, ...

  • 12-22Some Operating Requirements of Reversing Drum Concrete Mixer

    Reversing drum concrete mixer can be called the representative of civil type concrete mixer, and almost all the civil type concrete mixer adopts reversing drum mixing method. Generally speaking, the reversing drum concrete mixer is mainly di...

  • 12-19The sales volume of Daswell concrete batching plant is soaring

    In the first half of this year, Daswell concrete batching plant has got a new breakthrough in terms of the sales volume. Of course, this is closely linked with the quality of our products and our professional service. We Daswell Machinery wi...

  • 12-18Concrete mixer enterprises should grasp the golden opportunity

    In order to actively build the green construction sites and achieve the environmental concrete mortar production, the government department has issued the notice of prohibiting on-site mixing mortar. With the continuous advancement of instru...

  • 12-17The installation precautions of concrete batching plant

    Either the production or installation of concrete batching plant is a large and professional engineering, so we need to mainly grasp each part when in the initial installation stage of concrete batching plant, and we can only install the con...