• Henan Daswell Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing block making machine for many years. The major products manufactured by Daswell includes DMBE 2-45 mobile block making machine, DMBE-4A mobile block making machine, DMBE-12A/DMBE-10A/DMBE-30/DMBE 6A mobile brock making machine.

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  • 01-28The Distinction between Reversing Drum and Compulsory Concrete Mixers

    Both the reversing drum concrete mixers and compulsory concrete mixers belong to commonly used concrete mixers, and their differences exist in the utilization characteristics and application scopes. Reversing drum concrete mixers belong to c...

  • 01-27Daswell HZS90 Concrete Batching Plant Was Exported to Ecuador

    At the beginning of the month, an Ecuador client visited Daswell for HZS90 concrete batching plant. The Ecuador client visited our workshop, took lots of pictures of our HZS90 concrete batching plant and asked many details. Then we had a dis...

  • 01-26Daswell Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Was Exported to Philippines

    Due to the reasonable design, high automation degree, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, and easy operation, the twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer is advanced at home and abroad. The twin shaft concrete mixer can also be ...

  • 01-23Concrete Batching Plant Has a Powerful Growth Momentum

    In recent years, along with the development of infrastructure construction in China, domestic commercial concrete batching plant industry has a very powerful growth momentum. And it is well-known that as the important technical equipment, co...

  • 01-22Matters Needing Attention When Building Concrete Batching Plants

    As we all know that it is not easy to build a successful commercial concrete batching plant, because there are many factors that we need to take into consideration. And safety production is the top priority to build the concrete batching pla...

  • 01-21Carry Out the Energy Conservation of Concrete Mixing Plant

    Recently, our country will publish some relevant guidance documents about energy-saving buildings, which means that in the near future, the construction engineering machinery production work of our country is going to carry out a new directi...

  • 01-20The Safety Production Problems of Concrete Batching Plant

    As we all know that the quality of concrete batching plant directly influences its actual production effect. But we should also understand that the safety production problems of concrete batching plant should not be underestimated. For the s...

  • 01-19Daswell Sent the SICOMA Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer to Malaysia

    On June 12th 2014, we Daswell Machinery sent a set of SICOMA twin shaft concrete mixer to Malaysia. Before the delivery, the Malaysia client arranged inspector came to Daswell for testing the machine. The inspector checked the electric motor...

  • 01-16Daswell Sent the DMBE-12A Hollow Block Machine to Yemen

    Compared with the traditional block making machine, DMBE-12A hollow block machine has made a great progress on the processing efficiency, and it also puts more emphases on energy conservation and environmental protection. On July 24th, 2014,...

  • 01-15How to Buy a Cost-efficient Concrete Batching Plant

    The choice of concrete batching plant is a kind of knowledge, and it is a very difficult thing for many users to analyze and buy the concrete batching plant from the professional perspective. Then how to buy a cost-efficient concrete batchin...

  • 01-14Daswell Provides Personalized Concrete Mixer for You

    Since the development of concrete mixer has entered to a certain stage, the simple function design is already could not satisfy the needs of users. And long with the improvement of environmental requirements, the change of people’s consump...

  • 01-13Daswell DFB4B40 Block Making Machine Was Sent to Botswana

    On April 2014, the client from Botswana ordered a set of DFB4B40 block making machine from Daswell Machinery. And then later on, on May 30th 2014, we Daswell Machinery sent the DFB4B40 block making machine to Botswana. The Botswana client ma...

  • 01-12Daswell Is the Excellent Concrete Mixer Manufacturer

    As the construction projects are proceeding fiery in China, the application of concrete is also becoming wider and wider. And concrete mixer, as the main machinery to produce concrete, has made a very great contribution to the construction i...

  • 01-09Daswell Sent the JZR500 Concrete Mixer to Uganda

    On December 28, 2014, we Daswell Machinery successfully sent a set of JZR500 concrete mixer to Uganda. The Uganda customer was quite satisfied with our service and spoke highly of our JZR500 concrete mixer. With years of experience in resear...

  • 01-08Daswell Concrete Batching Plant Enjoys a High Popularity

    Concrete batching plant, the mechanical equipment that used for producing concrete, plays a very important role in buildings, bridges, water conservancy and other projects. And the concrete bathing plant industry has got sufficient developme...