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Environmental Protection Performance of Daswell Batch Plant

2016-07-07 / dwadmin

  The environmental application of commercial concrete in concrete batching plant can speed up construction progress, ensure the project quality, save energy, reduce pollution, protect urban environment, and accelerate construction modernization.

  Concrete batching plant should be equipped with advanced, automatic and precise concrete production line, and the totally enclosed production mode it adopts can greatly reduce noise and dust pollution. In addition, there is a sewage disposal system in the production line, which can recycle the sewage produced in production process, as well as sand and macadam in the sewage.

batch plant

  Except for the superior environment protection performance of our concrete batching plant, how to guarantee the concrete quality is also what we should take into account. This mainly benefits from a complete set of quality control system running through raw material purchase, examination, production and transportation. In the raw material purchase link, there are always some differences at various degrees between different materials. Therefore, the laboratory in concrete batching plant will have an inspection for raw materials before producing large amounts of concrete and make a fine tuning.

  Production process is the most important link. The scientific and precise management on concrete from feeding to charging can ensure its proportion accuracy.