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Improve the Environmental Protection of Block Machine Equipment

2016-07-01 / dwadmin

  There are a lot of urbanization in the country, at the same time many villages are facing the problem of demolition and reconstruction, and in this process, will produce a large number of construction waste, while the demand for building materials is also very large. Brick making equipment production can not only the use of construction waste, can also be used to solve the cost of waste disposal, brick will be in short supply.

  From the perspective of Daswell Machinery, the construction waste produced in demolition process can be available to making baking free bricks after treatment. Our block making machine can produce bricks with construction waste and apply them to building projects, which can realize the cyclic utilization of construction waste and solve the problem of numerous material source in urban villages construction at the same time. Daswell believes that dealing with construction waste in refuse processing plant directly is a waste of resource and has high cost. In addition, the demand on new construction material needs a lot of money. Under this circumstance, the combination of urban village renovation and block making machine manufacturer will produce a win-win situation.